As Loeffler Fails to Secure Urgently Needed Covid Relief, More Than 60 Georgia Organizations Sound Alarm - Warnock for Georgia

As Loeffler Fails to Secure Urgently Needed Covid Relief, More Than 60 Georgia Organizations Sound Alarm

Four months after expanded unemployment relief ran out, Loeffler has still not delivered additional relief for Georgians

Atlanta, GA – As Senator Kelly Loeffler fails to secure urgently needed coronavirus relief for Georgians impacted by the pandemic, more than 60 organizations sounded the alarm as federal relief programs are set to expire later this month. 

At the start of the pandemic, Loeffler downplayed the threat of the coronavirus while dumping millions in stock. And when the pandemic began to take a toll on Georgians, she opposed extending unemployment insurance for working Georgians who had lost their jobs. 

Now, even more programs are set to expire at the end of the month due to Loeffler’s inaction, including the federal moratorium on evictions, paid sick and family leave, and aid for contactors and self-employed Georgians who have lost work because of the pandemic but aren’t covered by unemployment insurance. 

“We need COVID relief that centers the pain and the concerns of workers and small businesses, and instead Senator Loeffler is focused on her own bottom line,” said Warnock for Georgia spokesperson Terrence Clark. “We haven’t seen relief for ordinary people in months, and now Loeffler is once again ignoring the calls of her constituents for urgently needed programs. Senator Loeffler continues to put working Georgians at the back of the line. It’s time that our state had a representative in Washington who will put the people of Georgia first.”

According to the report issued by the organizations calling on Loeffler to support COVID relief: 

  • Heading into the holiday season, 59 percent of Georgia families are not sure they can afford to put food on the table for the next four weeks. 
  • Georgia is still seeing over half a million people claiming unemployment each week. 
  • A quarter of child care programs in Georgia remain closed.


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