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Cutting costs and holding corporations accountable

Big corporations are raking in record profits while Georgians are forced to pay record prices. In the Senate, Reverend Warnock is holding accountable global shipping companies that are using market volatility as an excuse to jack up their own prices, which in turn causes prices to go up on things we buy every day. Reverend Warnock has continued to push the Biden Administration to investigate the business practices of these international cargo carriers and how they have negatively impacted American small businesses and families.

But shipping companies aren’t the only corporations jacking up prices in the midst of a global pandemic. Pharmaceutical and gas companies are doing the same. Reverend Warnock’s Affordable Insulin Now Act and Gas Prices Relief Act would both help lower costs for Georgians, while pushing back against corporate greed.

The business practices of a few corporations with overwhelming influence on our economy cannot be ignored. Reverend Warnock is holding corporations accountable to ensure the people of Georgia are not exploited for profit.

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