FACT CHECK: Warnock Supports Veterans, Loeffler’s Attacks On Warnock & Church Called “Disturbing” - Warnock for Georgia

FACT CHECK: Warnock Supports Veterans, Loeffler’s Attacks On Warnock & Church Called “Disturbing”

Atlanta, GA – Senator Loeffler is lying again tonight to Georgia veterans and military families by misrepresenting a sermon by Reverend Warnock, the son of a World War II veteran and pastor.

Just this week, Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jim Galloway called Loeffler’s attacks as “disturbing” and criticized Loeffler for taking “highly selective passages from years of sermons” out of context.

Here’s the truth about Rev. Warnock’s sermon and support for veterans: 

  • Loeffler and her Washington allies have attacked Reverend Warnock for delivering a sermon in which the he quotes scripture from the New Testament about not “serving two masters”—a sermon which was met with a standing ovation from the muti-ethnic congregation, demonstrating that this is a standard Christian message that many churchgoers are receptive to, and that it is being taken out of context. 
  • In his sermon, Reverend Warnock was speaking about the need to commit to moral life before pursuing other priorities—a lesson Senator Loeffler might benefit from listening to given her own decision to spend her first days in the U.S. Senate profiting off the pandemic.
  • Under Reverend Warnock’s leadership, Ebenezer Baptist Church offers veterans’ referral services and specific programming aimed at aiding and honoring military veterans. 
  • Reverend Warnock has repeatedly honored veterans during his sermons. 

What veterans, press are saying about Loeffler’s attacks: 

  • “I have been unable to decide which is more disturbing — referring to an African American man as an ‘it,’ or marking Ebenezer and its congregation as a den of satanic influence. But it is hard to walk either back — and with her silence, Loeffler has acquiesced to both.” [Jim Galloway, AJC, 12/1/20
  • “I know Reverend Warnock. He has a deep respect for people like me and his father, who proudly served our country, and is someone I trust to fight for those who have worn and still wear the uniform. Attacks like this say more about his opponent than they do about Reverend Warnock, a man who has shown the values of sacrifice and service that we sorely need in the U.S. Senate.” – Georgia Veteran Victor Ware
  • “At a time when our country is in crisis, we need leaders who are talking about the issues facing not only veterans but all Georgians: access to quality health care, jobs where people are treated with dignity and paid a wage they can live on, housing we can afford. I hear Reverend Warnock talking about these things, but all I’ve heard from his opponent are lies about who he is and what he stands for. In the Senate, Loeffler has shown us who she is: another politician just looking out for herself. Georgia veterans and service members struggling through this crisis deserve better.” – Georgia veteran Andre Mack


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