Georgia Clergy to Kelly Loeffler: End Your False Attacks Against Reverend Warnock - Warnock for Georgia

Georgia Clergy to Kelly Loeffler: End Your False Attacks Against Reverend Warnock

New York Times: “More than 100 religious leaders condemned Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s campaign tactics in an open letter…that spurned her attacks on the Rev. Raphael Warnock”

Atlanta, GA – Days after unelected Senator Kelly Loeffler posed with a white supremacist and former KKK leader who was attending one of her events for the second time, a group of more than 100 faith leaders from Georgia have sent an open letter to the Loeffler campaign calling out Kelly Loeffler’s hypocrisy, bigotry and lies about Reverend Warnock’s faith and ministry, as well as urging the Loeffler campaign to stop its divisive attacks against the Black Church and Black faith traditions.

ICYMI, see a round-up of coverage of the letter below:

Washington Post: Loeffler’s barbs against Warnock are ‘a broader attack against the Black Church,’ Georgia pastors say

  • “More than 100 religious leaders condemned Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s campaign tactics in an open letter over the weekend that spurned her attacks on the Rev. Raphael Warnock (D) and claimed the Georgia Republican’s political ads were full of ‘naked hypocrisy’ and ‘blatant contradictions.’”
  • “In a letter first reported by the New York Times and signed by faith leaders in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Maryland and Colorado, the authors characterized Loeffler’s criticism of Warnock’s beliefs and sermons, which she has repeatedly cast as ‘radically liberal,’ as an attack on the Black religious community in the state.”
  • “‘We see your attacks against Warnock as a broader attack against the Black Church and faith traditions for which we stand,’ the letter said.”
  • “In the letter, the pastors criticized Loeffler for her stance on the summer’s racial justice protests and for her failure to condemn far-right extremists.”
  • “‘Through your silence you demonstrated your disdain for Black elected officials and Black Lives Matter marches,’ the letter said.”
  • “Loeffler recently came under fire for taking a photo with Chester Doles, a white supremacist with ties to the Ku Klux Klan, the neo-Nazi National Alliance and the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Doles, who went to prison for assaulting a Black man in 1993, told the Associated Press last week that he had renounced racism in recent years.” [12/21/2020

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Church leaders tell Loeffler to back off Warnock’s religious views” 

  • “The group told Loeffler to stop falsely calling the Rev. Warnock a ‘socialist’ and a ‘radical,’ saying there is nothing in his background, writings or sermons suggesting that to be the case.”
  • “At the same time, they accused Loeffler of ‘naked hypocrisy,’ pointing to her support for President Donald Trump’s failed attempts to challenge elections results in court. “What can be more radical, more seditious than supporting 59 attempts to overthrow the will of the people by tossing Black votes?” the open letter says.”
  • “Loeffler, though, has never spoken out on behalf of Black Lives Matter protesters trying to end violence against Black people by police officers, the church leaders said.”
  • “‘You characterized these campaigns as mobs and lawlessness but remained silent on the antics of the Proud Boys, and the Wolverine Watchmen, both far right neo-fascist groups that engage in political violence, the latter of which attempted to kidnap the seated Governor of Michigan; an act for which 13 members have been indicted,’ the letter says.” [12/20/2020

New York Times: “Georgia Pastors See Attack on Black Church in Campaign Against Warnock”

  • “Ms. Loeffler, an Atlanta businesswoman who was appointed to fill a Senate vacancy last year, has rejected assertions that she was turning to racist appeals. She has argued that she was pushing back against Mr. Warnock’s beliefs, not his identity. During the debate she said, ‘There is not a racist bone in my body.’”
  • “But it is not an argument that the pastors have been willing to accept. ‘It is irresponsible, and we’re here to stand against it,’ the Rev. Keith Hammond, a pastor from Atlanta, said during a news conference on Saturday.”
  • “As the pastor of Ebenezer, Mr. Warnock has had one of the most prominent pulpits in the South, becoming one of the successors of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in leading a storied congregation that is deeply rooted in the civil rights movement.” [12/19/2020

CNN: “Coalition of Black pastors slam Loeffler campaign ads as a ‘broader attack against the Black Church’”

  • “In recent weeks, ads from Loeffler and the Republican Party have, for the most part, targeted Warnock. These ads and attacks pull clips from sermons Warnock has delivered, including many that occurred while he has served as the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta — a historic Baptist church where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used to preach.”
  • “An example of the attacks from the Loeffler campaign include using footage of a sermon Warnock delivered in 2011 in which he said that ‘nobody can serve God and the military.’ Warnock has defended saying this, telling Loeffler during a debate on December 6 that the line he referenced has roots in biblical passages.”
  • “’It was a sermon about a moral foundation for everything that we do. And that when you have everything in order, that actually makes you a better solider. It also makes you a better senator,’ Warnock told Loeffler when she asked him about these remarks at the debate.”
  • “Warnock tweeted the New York Times article out earlier Sunday, saying, ‘My faith is the foundation upon which I have built my life. It guides my service to my community and my country. @KLoeffler’s attacks on our faith are not just disappointing — they are hurtful to Black churches across Georgia.’” [12/20/2020

The Hill: “Georgia pastors blast Loeffler campaign criticisms of Warnock as ‘attack against the Black Church’”

  • “The New York Times first reported the letter which was signed mostly by Black church leaders in Georgia.” 
  • “‘We call upon you, Kelly Loeffler to cease your false attacks on Reverend Warnock’s social justice theological and faith traditions,’ the letter also said, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.”
  • “Loeffler’s campaign has called attention to Warnock’s previous criticism of police officers and a 2011 sermon in which he said that ‘nobody can serve God and the military,” a belief he has said is rooted in biblical passages.’” 
  • “Warnock tweeted out the Times report on Sunday, adding the statement, ‘My faith is the foundation upon which I have built my life.’” [12/20/2020]


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