ICYMI: Herschel Walker Shows (Again) He Is Not Ready To Represent Georgia - Warnock for Georgia

ICYMI: Herschel Walker Shows (Again) He Is Not Ready To Represent Georgia

November 16, 2022 
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ICYMI: Herschel Walker Shows (Again) He Is Not Ready To Represent Georgia

Herschel Walker: “What We Need To Do Is Keep Having Those Gas-Guzzling Cars, Cause We Got Good Emissions Under Those Cars.” 

Atlanta, GA – In case you missed it, Herschel Walker yesterday showed yet again that he is not ready to represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate. 

At a campaign event yesterday, Herschel Walker claimed Georgia is “not ready” for green technology, despite the fact that members of his own party have joined Reverend Warnock in pushing to bring green jobs to Georgia through investments in Hyundai, Rivian, and SK Battery

While Walker’s head-scratching solution is that we “keep having those gas-guzzling cars ‘cause we got the good emission under those cars,” Reverend Warnock has brought jobs and investment to the state, and led legislation to help with domestic manufacturing: 

  • Last month, Reverend Warnock celebrated the groundbreaking of Hyundai Motor Group’s $5.5 billion “Metaplant,” the largest economic development project in Georgia’s history, bringing 8,100 jobs to Georgia. Reverend Warnock praised the historic investment alongside Governor Brian Kemp, Senator Jon Ossoff, South Korea’s Ambassador to the United States, Tae-yong Cho, among others.
  • This comes after Warnock introduced an electric vehicle tax credit bill requesting a grace period for Hyundai, and urged the Biden Administration “to offer maximum flexibility… of the electric vehicle tax credits” to ensure Georgia car buyers and manufacturers can take full advantage of expanded tax credits for electric vehicles.
  • Reverend Warnock has been a vocal champion for creating green jobs and reducing America’s reliance on fossil fuels.

    • In February, Reverend Warnock announced that he secured nearly $20 million in funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure law to build out Georgia’s EV infrastructure network across the state.

    • Additionally, Reverend Warnock has been in frequent contact with Hyundai about the auto manufacturer’s footprint and future in Georgia, and has encouraged efforts on the federal level to bolster the company’s presence—as well as EV and EV battery manufacturing, in general—in the state.


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