ICYMI: Reverend Raphael Warnock Wins Debate By Focusing on Issues Impacting Georgians, While Kelly Loeffler Refuses to Say Trump Lost Election, Recycles Dishonest Attacks - Warnock for Georgia

ICYMI: Reverend Raphael Warnock Wins Debate By Focusing on Issues Impacting Georgians, While Kelly Loeffler Refuses to Say Trump Lost Election, Recycles Dishonest Attacks

WATCH: Georgia Republican Senator Loeffler dodges questions on presidential election results

Atlanta, GA – Reverend Raphael Warnock won last night’s debate with unelected Senator Kelly Loeffler handily by laying out his vision for Georgia that includes working to pass coronavirus relief that will help struggling small businesses and families survive the pandemic, strengthening access to affordable health care and defending protections for pre-existing conditions, and working to level the playing field for all Georgians. 

Kelly Loeffler, on the other hand, refused to acknowledge the results of the election and continued to make dishonest attacks against Reverend Warnock to cover for her own track record of self-dealing and corruption, which is detailed on a new website the campaign launched ahead of the debate to hold Loeffler accountable, kellyisforkelly.com

In case you missed it, here are the highlights:

Kelly Loeffler refused repeatedly to affirm the will of Georgia voters and the results of the Georgia election. 

  • “Loeffler did not explicitly say that she believes the presidential election was rigged — as the President has falsely claimed — when pressed during the debate, but did say ‘it’s very clear that there were issues in this election,’ […] [CNN, 12/6/20]
  • “Asked again, [Loeffler] said the process ‘is still playing out’ and that ‘we also have to make sure that Georgians know we have a process that works.’ Asked directly whether Trump lost, Loeffler said the president ‘has every right to use every legal recourse available.’ [NBC News, 12/6/20]
  • “The second debate featured a robotic Republican incumbent who apparently cannot count. Kelly Loeffler refused to acknowledge that President Trump lost the election. She refused to admit that Joe Biden received the most votes. She refused to accept the math.” [Washington Post, 12/6/20
  • “The senator later alleged, without any supporting details, irregularities in the November elections and repeated Trump’s right to ‘legal recourse’ without acknowledging that the president’s campaign has lost round after round of post-election court challenges, including in Georgia, which has already certified its results.” [MarketWatch, 12/6/20
  • “Wow. Loeffler wouldn’t answer point blank if Donald Trump won the election. You can’t spin your way out of that – he lost! Not just Georgia, but enough other states, enough to win the electoral college.” [@stphnfwlr]
  • “’If everything is at stake on Jan 5, that would presume that Trump has lost?’ ‘What’s at stake is the Senate majority,’ Loeffler responds. A yes, without a yes.” [@JamesArkin]
  • “Kelly Loeffler is contorting herself to avoid saying that President Donald Trump lost the Nov. 3 election. She can’t bring herself to admit it…..” [@politicalinsdr

After profiting off the pandemic and then downplaying it to Georgians, Kelly Loeffler also refused to answer whether she thinks U.S. Senators should be barred from trading stocks. 

Additional debate observations from Georgians, press and more: 

  • “Former Democratic candidate in the other Senate race @SarahRiggsAmico is speaking on behalf of Warnock. “There was one radical on the debate stage tonight and it was not Reverend Warnock” she says #gapol #gasen [@Emma_Hurt]
  • Warnock draws contrast between himself as someone who grew up in the projects, versus the wealthiest member of the Senate. #GASenateDebate [@Amy_Siskind]
  • “Asked pointed questions about his remarks about police and the military from the pulpit of his church, @ReverendWarnock promises that he will be an ally of law enforcement and work to bridge gaps between police and the community.” [@ryannobles]
  • “Serious question: Who told Sen. Loeffler to keep repeating “Radical, liberal Raphael Warnock?” A consultant? I see many of you in my mentions are asking the same thing.” [@AshleyCBS46]
  • Warnock defends abortion rights: people concerned about life ought to be more concerned with maternal and infant mortality in this country.” #gapol [@kbeccaandrews
  • “Loeffler actually suggested that a Warnock organization was responsible for voter fraud. No evidence.” [@AmyEGardner]
  • “After George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor were killed, there was a large-scale, multi-racial movement in support of Black lives. Raphael Warnock points out that Kelly Loeffler responded to this movement by attacking the Black women on her WNBA team.” #GASenDebate [@votingwhileblk]
  • “[Reverend Warnock] also reminded viewers that the senator had been endorsed by U.S. Rep.-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has repeated racist QAnon conspiracies. ‘There’s not a racist bone in my body,’ Loeffler shot back. Loeffler often avoided answering questions directly. [AJC, 12/6/20]
  • “Georgia, it’s time for us to put our shoes on and get ready. Everything is at stake in this election. And if you vote, we will win.” #VoteWarnock #GaSenDebate [@ReverendWarnock


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