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Agriculture: Protecting and Growing Georgia’s Farm Economy

Our state’s economy relies on farmers and agriculture. As one of the nation’s leading producers in everything from chickens to peanuts to blueberries and our world famous peaches, we need leaders who understand the importance and difficulty of the work farmers do and will fight on their behalf in Washington. 

As Senator, Reverend Warnock will defend farmers and work to grow our state’s agriculture economy. He believes that we need consistent policies that accommodate the uncertainty our farmers have to deal with and the diversity of our state’s products. He also understands the importance of a coherent policy on trade and tariffs that will keep markets open to our farmers. 

Reverend Warnock is also a proponent of equity. As one of the most diverse states in the nation, Georgia is home to a significant number of African-American farmers, critical to the agricultural economy. He believes that we should level the playing field for Black and minority farmers by expanding access to capital for equipment and financial resources and ending discriminatory policies at the federal level that limit opportunities.

Many Georgia farms are small businesses that benefit not only our state, but the entire country. Reverend Warnock appreciates the diversity and abundance that these farms provide, and will work to grow their role in our economy.

In the Senate, Reverend Warnock will: 

  • Defend the critical role agriculture plays in the economy;
  • Ensure that farmers have a seat at the table and an economic incentive as we address climate change; 
  • Expand our access to markets for Georgia grown products;
  • Increase assistance from USDA, FEMA and other agencies tasked with protecting workers and producers devastated by natural disasters and other threats;
  • Push for resources that help our farmers adopt more sustainable and regenerative practices;
  • Ensure that the Department of Agriculture pursues policies to increase protections and expand access to resources to small family farms, Black, and minority farmers; and
  • Fight trade policies that harm Georgia farmers.
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