Climate: Stewardship Of Our Children’s Planet - Warnock for Georgia


Climate: Stewardship Of Our Children’s Planet

The flooding and extreme weather we have seen in coastal Georgia and across the South are sobering reminders of how devastating climate change can be in our daily lives. Reverend Warnock believes we must accept the science, invest in infrastructure, and combat the climate crisis that is already at our door. Climate change is a moral issue and we can act on the consensus that already exists among Americans by ignoring Washington special interests and putting effective, common sense policies in place.

Reverend Warnock’s emphasis on climate justice is guided by his faith and his understanding that “the Earth is the Lord’s.” He understands that our harm to the planet often causes disproportionate impacts on marginalized communities, and that environmental justice doesn’t just focus on addressing long-term challenges, but everyday problems. That means addressing the lack of access to clean water and air many Black and brown families face, and the higher share of income those families pay in energy bills.

In the Senate, Reverend Warnock has

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