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Health Care: The Right to Access Affordable, Quality Care

Reverend Warnock’s belief in affordable health care comes from his understanding of the dignity of human beings and his confidence that courageous, principled leaders can stand up to special interests and make our health care system work better for all. That’s why he’s rejecting corporate PAC money: he knows that for too long, insurance and pharmaceutical companies have had their say in Washington.

Reverend Warnock has been a tireless advocate for Medicaid expansion, which is key to keeping rural hospitals open, making health care accessible and affordable to those who need it most, and improving treatment for victims of addiction. While partisan state actors refuse to take action, Reverend Warnock is leading the effort in the Senate to expand access to quality, affordable care for over 646,000 Georgians.
Not too long ago, our state’s elected leaders did everything they could to overturn the Affordable Care Act and take away health care protections for millions of Georgians — in the middle of a pandemic. Reverend Warnock is committed to continue to fight back against efforts to dismantle the law’s protections for the more than 1.8 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions and provisions allowing anyone under the age of 26 to remain on their parent’s insurance.

Reverend Warnock understands that too often Georgians are forced to choose between paying for lifesaving prescription drugs and putting food on the table. He believes the system that makes such a choice necessary is unconscionable and immoral. That’s why he’s leading the effort to cap the cost of insulin, a medical necessity for the more than one million Georgians with Diabetes, at $35 a month. He is also fighting to cap the costs of prescriptions for seniors on Medicare and to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

Reverend Warnock is committed to expanding affordable access to health care, including through a public option and early Medicare buy-in. But he also understands how personal decisions of health care can be, which is why he will never support efforts to take private insurance from those that want to keep it.

Reverend Warnock has worked to expand health care access in Georgia:

  • In the American Rescue Plan, Senator Warnock secured $1.3M in federal funds for two health care centers in Macon-Bibb County
  • Introduced the Kira Johnson Act to curb the maternal mortality crisis, especially among Black women in Georgia