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Jobs: Rebuilding An Economy That Works For Everyone

Reverend Warnock knows the global pandemic fundamentally impacted the daily lives and economic security of Georgians who were already struggling to get by. His own perspective on economic fairness and the dignity of work is deeply rooted in his upbringing.

Growing up in Savannah’s Kayton Homes public housing with his eleven brothers and sisters, Reverend Warnock learned the value of hard work from his parents. His mother spent summers picking tobacco and cotton, and his father sold junk cars before standing up on Sunday mornings and preaching to poor, ordinary working-class people who themselves felt broken and discarded. 

Reverend Warnock recognizes that things have gotten harder for families like his, and for many in Georgia, the American dream has never felt more out of reach. That’s why he believes that we need to rebuild an economy that works for everyone by creating good paying jobs, protecting the dignity of work, and fighting for fair wages and equitable employment practices in the workplace for all Americans. Fighting for workers also means Reverend Warnock will oppose Washington tax breaks that benefit the richest of the rich while leaving behind the poor and working families that need help the most.

Sen. Warnock has worked to create and protect Georgia jobs:

  • Helped to facilitate a settlement that will help save more than 2,600 clean energy jobs at SK Battery, an electric battery plant in Commerce, GA
  • In Gwinnett County, he met with Latino business owners and toured their businesses to discuss what pandemic recovery has looked like from their perspective
  • Secured a $2 million federal grant for road and infrastructure improvements to create a new Inland Port in Hall County , a move expected to create nearly 700 jobs for Georgia ports and generate $185 million in private investment for Georgia’s economy.