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National Security & Defense

As the son of a World War II Veteran, Reverend Warnock understands the importance for a strong national defense. In the Senate, he will work across the aisle to ensure that America’s military remains the strongest in the world and keeps our country and its people safe.

Georgia is home to 13 military installations, including Fort Benning, home of the US Army’s Ranger School, that play a critical role in Georgia’s economy. Reverend Warnock is committed to protecting and preserving Georgia’s role in America’s national security strategy by strengthening our economy, workforce, competitiveness, innovation, and democracy.

To stay strong at home, we must properly man, train, and equip the Armed Forces and Coast Guard. Reverend Warnock will advance America’s values around the world and commits to supporting the use of diplomacy as a first, best resort, and will speak out against tyrants and dictators. Reverend Warnock will ensure that the White House governs transparently and is guided by facts.

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