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Voting Rights: Ensuring Every Vote is Counted

After the 2020 election, our state became ground zero for voter suppression. With partisan gerrymandering, long lines in minority communities, polling place closures, and voter purges, the state of Georgia has followed every strategy in the voter suppression playbook. In 2021, Georgia’s governor signed S.B. 202 into law — a sweeping voter suppression law designed to build new barriers between Georgians and the polls. Reverend Warnock has called this law, and laws like it, “Jim Crow in new clothes”. 

In the spirit of his mentor and parishioner, the late Congressman John Lewis, Reverend Warnock understands that our vote is our voice, and that the ability to use our voice is a matter of human dignity. Whether through vote-by-mail or in-person voting, all Georgia voters must have the opportunity to use their voice at the ballot box. He believes that the best way to honor John Lewis’ legacy is not to simply offer pious platitudes, but to get busy restoring the Voting Rights Act that was gutted by the Supreme Court. Our elections must be fair, open, and safe for every eligible citizen.

Sen. Warnock’s work to protect the right to vote:

  • Belongs to a core group of Senators helping to push the Freedom to Vote Act over the finish line
  • Has continued to call on members of both parties to prioritize federal voting rights protections