NEW Fact Checks Confirm Loeffler Health Care Plan “Could Harm” Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage, Continues to Lie About Reverend Warnock - Warnock for Georgia

NEW Fact Checks Confirm Loeffler Health Care Plan “Could Harm” Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage, Continues to Lie About Reverend Warnock

Fact Checkers Have Described Each Of Loeffler’s Claims “False,” “Mostly False,” & “Bogus,” Including Claims About Her Own Record

Atlanta, GA – With nothing good to say about herself, Kelly Loeffler has spent the last month attacking Reverend Raphael Warnock, earning fact check after fact check revealing her lies as “false,” “mostly false,” and “bogus.” This morning the Atlanta Journal-Constitution released three new fact checks, confirming her health care plan “could harm” guaranteed health care coverage for the 1.8 million Georgians with a pre-existing condition and that Loeffler is still lying about Reverend Warnock’s record. Take a look:

AJC: “No details or specifics to support her claim she would protect pre-existing conditions.”

  • The AJC weighed in on this claim saying, “there are no details or specifics offered to support her claim that she would protect pre-existing conditions. There is no explanation for the senator’s stated support of ‘guaranteed coverage plans.’ Her campaign did not respond to direct questions about what a ‘guaranteed coverage plan’ is or whether it would include price controls, so that the plans wouldn’t price out people with pre-existing conditions.” 
  • A health care policy expert told the AJC, “she did not see anything in Loeffler’s plan that would protect people with pre-existing conditions, and that several of her proposals, such as her support for short-term plans, could harm them.”
  • An earlier analysis from Politifact found “No proof that Kelly Loeffler will ensure protections for preexisting conditions,” ruling her claim false.

The AJC confirmed that it’s true that Loeffler dumped stocks following a private, Senators-only briefing on the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • The AJC confirmed the Loeffler made a “large sell-off of personal stock holdings after she received a private Senate briefing about the coronavirus pandemic on Jan. 24.”
  • Politifact has also confirmed that, “Loeffler…benefited from stock transactions she made beginning on the same day she received a private briefing for senators early in the COVID-19 outbreak. Some stock purchases were in companies poised to see increased business because of the virus.” 

Loeffler knows the facts about Reverend Warnock’s record but continues to lie anyway. 

  • The AJC also confirmed this morning that despite the fact that Warnock has made clear “in no uncertain terms” that he does not support defunding the police, “Loeffler continue[s] to claim otherwise. 
  • Politifact has found two of Loeffler’s claims “mostly false,” saying they found “no proof” for her claims and that she “ignored critical facts.”
  • The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler gave Kelly Loeffler three pinocchios this week, calling her claims “bogus.”
  • And debunked two claims saying she left out context and “provided no evidence” for her claim.

About Reverend Warnock

Reverend Raphael Warnock grew up in Kayton Homes public housing in Savannah. Fifteen years ago, he was chosen to serve as Senior Pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, the former pulpit of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He is only the fifth Senior Pastor in the history of the church and the youngest pastor ever selected to serve in that position. Reverend Warnock believes his service does not stop at the church door, and has been an advocate to expand health care coverage and to ensure hardworking Georgians can make a living wage. As Senator, Reverend Warnock will bring to Washington the concerns of struggling Georgia families who wonder why no one is looking out for them, and focus on fighting for quality, affordable health care, for the dignity of working people who are paid too little as our government works more for Wall Street, and to make sure every voice is heard.


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