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Warnock Statement on Loeffler’s Attack on Georgia Elections

Atlanta, GA – Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church and Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Reverend Raphael Warnock today issued the following statement as Senator Kelly Loeffler continues her baseless attacks on our democratic institutions: 

“I’ve watched with alarm as Kelly Loeffler intentionally seeks to erode trust in our democracy for her own political benefit. No matter what party you belong to or who you supported in the last week, I hope we can all agree that we must protect the integrity of our elections.  Every vote must be counted and we all should stand together for taking the responsible, American path of accepting the results.”


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Opinion: Ga. doesn’t need baseless accusations
Editorial Board
November 11, 2020

Key excerpts below. Read the full opinion here.

  • Even in an election year where standards of fair play seem to plummet with each passing day, Monday’s attack by Georgia’s U.S. senators marked a new low.
  • Those are shocking charges for this pair to level at the person – and the office – responsible for overseeing elections here. They’re even more stunning, given that Perdue and Loeffler fired their broadside against a fellow Republican – not that party affiliation should count when the integrity of a core democratic institution is under attack.
  • Perdue and Loeffler offered no specifics, at least not for the record. And that is what should make their campaign-speak attack message so unacceptable to fair-minded Georgians.
  • Reckless barely begins to touch on what Perdue and Loeffler have done. Without presenting reasons, they have assaulted Georgia’s election system. That is dangerous behavior in this tense moment, both for this state and for the nation that is watching this risky sideshow.
  • …there must be standards of ethical behavior that dictate lines of appropriateness – and those lines should not be breached.
  • Politics is about nothing if not vigorous competition. Done ethically, a robust pursuit of votes can help citizens make choices. The latest inappropriate lobbing of thin accusations at election officials is nowhere near that. Perdue, Loeffler and others should know that. We believe fair-minded Georgians already do.


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