Warnock Talks Voter Registration, Early Vote on Black Radio Programs As Part of GOTV Push - Warnock for Georgia

Warnock Talks Voter Registration, Early Vote on Black Radio Programs As Part of GOTV Push

“The people are standing up in this moment and they’re saying they will be heard. They have won the state for Georgia, they won the state for Joe Biden, and come January 5th Jon Ossoff and I are going to win these seats for the people.

Atlanta, GA – Ahead of the December 7th voter registration deadline, Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church and U.S. Senate candidate Reverend Raphael Warnock spoke with leading Black radio hosts to encourage Georgians to register to vote and make a plan to cast their ballot for the January 5th runoff elections. 

Joining top radio stations in Atlanta, Columbus and Albany, Reverend Warnock urged Georgians to ensure their voices are heard in one of the most important elections of their lifetime and outlined what’s at stake come January 5, including access to affordable health care and critical COVID-19 relief for Georgia families and small businesses. 

As unelected Senator Kelly Loeffler and the GOP continue to mount false and irresponsible attacks on Georgia’s election integrity, Reverend Warnock outlined his promise to protect the dignity of Georgians’ lives and rights.

Read highlights from some of the interviews:

V103 in Atlanta, GA: Reverend Warnock speaks with Big Tigger about voter registration and his call to service 
“I’m ready and I think Georgia is ready for someone who understands the struggles of ordinary people. I’ve spent my life working on access to affordable health care. When we were trying to pass the Affordable Care Act, I was preaching about it from my pulpit, and when Georgia refused to expand Medicaid, I went to the Governor’s office with a group of activists saying ‘Mr. Governor, you’ve got to expand Medicaid.’ And I insisted on that in the spirit and tradition of Martin Luther King Jr. and others in acts of civil disobedience. I’ve literally laid it on the line more than a couple of times because I cared so much. I’m deeply honored that our movement has gained such momentum in the state. And on January 5th I’m bringing it home for the people.”

Foxie 105 in Columbus, GA: Reverend Warnock speaks with Shorty Mack about election season and sharing voting information with fellow Georgians 
“Vote by mail is happening right now. Don’t listen to the folks that are trying to confuse other people. Voting by mail is safe. And early in-person voting starts on December 14th. So don’t wait until January 5th. There’s too much on the line. There’s too much that can happen. It might rain. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. We have to be socially distanced so lines may be longer. 
Spend January 5th reaching out to your friends and making sure they voted. But we can absolutely win this election and we can make history in Georgia. Georgia is on everybody’s mind. The future of the country right now is actually being determined right here in this state. I don’t know about you, but that gives me goosebumps to think about it. That we can decide whether or not we can get progress on COVID, on health care, on human rights, on the planet, on a whole range of issues, right here, right in this state. Go to votewarnock.com. I’m grateful for all of the support that we’re feeling in this movement.”

Sirius XM: Reverend Warnock speaks with Joe Madison about COVID relief and the will of the people
“We just flipped this state. So that suggests that this is going to be a close election. And we have the winning coalition, there’s no question about it. We registered hundreds of thousands of voters in this state, the wind is at our back, the momentum is with us, the other side knows it, which is why they’re engaged in a campaign of distortion, division and distraction.
I intend to center the concerns of young people and I’m not asking you to do this for me, I’m asking you to do this for you. Listen I’m running for the United States Senate. I’m the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, one of the most prominent churches in the country. And how did I get here? Somebody gave me a Pell Grant, that’s called good federal public policy. Somebody gave me some low interest student loans that I could actually afford and I wasn’t so burdened with loans when I graduated like so many of our young people today that I had a mortgage before I had a mortgage. You need somebody in the U.S. Senate who understands the struggles of ordinary people and will be a voice for you. I’m Raphael Warnock and my website is warnockforgeorgia.com, I’m asking you to join our movement.”

Sirius XM: Reverend Warnock speaks with Laura Coates about the power of young people getting involved
“Our kids have it rougher. And then when they come out of school, if they have managed to get through to university or college or vocational school, the debt is so crushing that they have a mortgage before they have a mortgage. And so I’m asking the young people who may be listening to me or their parents or grandparents, godparents, show up and vote. Not for me. Vote for your own future. Vote for the future of the planet… We’ve got to get serious about climate change in this country, it’s upon us right now. Vote for healthcare. You ought to be able to stay on your parents’ insurance until you’re 26 years of age, and people with preexisting conditions shouldn’t have to worry that they’re gonna lose their coverage. We use these words that I think sometimes people become numb, it just becomes another word out there, pre-existing conditions. Let me break it down for you. 

If you have asthma, that’s a pre-existing condition. And I’m saying that people with asthma, people with diabetes, hypertension, folks who are cancer survivors or have cancer, folks who are now COVID-19 survivors. If you’ve had a stroke – I mean, there’s none of us who doesn’t know somebody like that. In fact, prior to the Affordable Care Act, being a woman was functionally a pre-existing condition. 

If we don’t win these two seats, the insurance companies will be able to create the kinds of loopholes that we see in Kelly Loeffler’s so-called plan that she laid out the other day, which allows them to deny you coverage. And you may not have a pre-existing condition today, but you may have one tomorrow. And so if you want somebody who will stand up for your healthcare, stand up for access to affordable education, someone who believes that we shouldn’t call essential workers essential without paying them an essential wage, providing for them essential benefits, then go to VoteWarnock.com and become a part of our movement.”



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