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WEEKLY REVEREND WRAP: Reverend Warnock Continues Statewide Bus Tour, Celebrates His Work to Lower Costs and Protect Jobs

WEEKLY REVEREND WRAP: Reverend Warnock Continues Statewide Bus Tour, Celebrates His Work to Lower Costs and Protect Jobs

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This week, Reverend Warnock’s statewide “Working for Georgia” bus tour continued as he met with Georgians in Atlanta, Rome, Cobb County, Augusta, Burke County, Duluth, and Lilburn to celebrate his work to lower costs and protect jobs across Georgia. 


This Week, Reverend Warnock continued his “Working for Georgia” bus tour with campaign stops in Albany, Americus, Columbus, Newnan, Union City, Rome, Cobb County, Augusta, Burke County, Duluth, Lilburn and Atlanta. During the stops on the statewide tour, Warnock discussed his successful efforts in the Senate to protect and grow Georgia jobs and lower costs for Georgia families across the state.

In the Senate, Reverend Warnock fought to pass critical legislation to address Georgians’ costs, supply chain issues, and create and protect Georgia jobs. Reverend Warnock recently fought to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, including his provisions to cap the cost of insulin at $35 per month for Georgians on Medicare and cap out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for seniors. He also fought to pass the jobs and competition bill, which was recently signed into law and will invest in domestic manufacturing, protect Georgia jobs, and reduce reliance on foreign nations like China.

On Monday, the “Working for Georgia” bus tour made campaign stops in Albany, Americus, and Columbus:

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Watch WALB Albany’s Coverage HERE

Kiera Hood, WALB: “Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock made a stop in Albany and Americus on Monday, but that was not the only city he visited. Senator Warnock visited Friendship Baptist Church in Columbus. He talked about the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, and the Jobs and Competition Bill. Many gathered as the Senator spoke on his efforts to protect jobs and lower costs for families across the state. The Reduction Act helps cap the cost of insulin for medicare patients, as well as out of pocket drug cost for seniors. He says the bill will invest in domestic manufacturing, protect Georgia jobs, and reduce reliance on foreign nations like China.”

Albany Herald: Sen. Raphael Warnock brings his Bus Tour to Albany

  • Democratic U.S. Senatorial incumbent the Rev. Raphael Warnock brought his Bus Tour Across Georgia 2022 to Albany Monday morning, and he delivered a fiery speech offering reasons he should return to Washington to an enthusiastic crowd that vowed to help send him on his way.
  • Warnock outlined the progress Congress has made in the almost two years he’s been in Washington representing Georgia in the Senate. He mentioned legislation impacting infrastructure, benefits for veterans, scientific improvements, and tax relief among the most significant achievements.
  • “It doesn’t get as much attention, but we’ve been able to get quite a bit of bipartisan legislation through the 50-50 Senate,” Warnock said in response to a question about partisanship in Washington. “I sponsored legislation with (Republican) Ted Cruz that calls for improvements to Interstate 14 that connects our military bases; I worked with a Republican Senator from Alabama on legislation that positively impacts farmers; I worked with Republicans on railroad safety issues.
  • “The list goes on and on. I have shown that I will work with anybody if it’s going to positively impact Georgia.”
  • Retired U.S. Army veteran Joe Jefferson said he’s pleased with the work Warnock has done during his two years in the Senate. “I’m a supporter of Reverend Warnock because of his honesty, his integrity and his support of veterans,” Jefferson said as he held up a Warnock sign. “We need to let him continue the work he’s doing on our behalf.”
  • State Sen. Freddie Powell Sims, who introduced Warnock as “a warrior for the people of Georgia,” said Warnock understands the plight Georgians, especially south Georgians, face. “He represents all of us, not just the people of north Georgia, and he understands the struggles we face in southwest Georgia as we seek to attract industry,” Sims said before introducing Warnock. 
  • Warnock closed his remarks by saying he’s proud of his record in the Senate. “My focus has been on the people of Georgia from Day 1,” he said. “I’ve talked to people after we’ve passed this legislation designed to help them, the single moms trying to buy a pair of shoes for their kids, the seniors who’ve had to sometimes choose between the medicines they need and eating.
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Watch WRBL Columbus’s Coverage HERE

Hannah James, WRBL Columbus: “Political leaders including Congressman Sanford Bishop and citizens gathered in front of Friendship Baptist Church in Columbus Monday night to welcome U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock. He hit the campaign trail this week visiting cities across west Georgia, where he touted many of his recent successes in just 20 months in office including the expanded child tax credit, the jobs and competition law, bipartisan infrastructure law and the American rescue plan. He also touted his support for President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, which will alleviate 10’s of thousands of dollars for each student who took out federal loans, something the Senator says he knows about.”

Reverend Warnock: “Good federal public policy gave me some Pell Grants and some low interest student loans so that I could get through college, and now, over 30 years after I finished college, it would be harder for me to do what I did then than it is right now. Too many of our children have a mortgage before they have a mortgage. And that’s why I kept pushing, I kept pushing, and I kept urging the President to live up to the promise that he made on the campaign trail and pass meaningful student debt relief, which we got last week.”

On Tuesday, the “Working for Georgia” bus tour made campaign stops in Columbus, Newnan, and Union City: 

In Newnan, Reverend Warnock kicked off the day with a tour of local small businesses and held a meet and greet with Georgians later in the day.

Reverend Warnock ended the day with a rally in Union City.

Vince Williams, Mayor of Union City: “This is our time right now. We need him to stay in Washington fighting for the people of Georgia to make sure that our families are protected when it comes to employment, when it comes to housing, and when it comes to prescription drugs.”

On Wednesday, Reverend Warnock made stops in Atlanta, Rome, and Cobb County:

Reverend Warnock kicked off the day with a rally in Rome.

Sundai Stevenson, Mayor of Rome: “[Warnock] talked to us about what we needed here in Rome and Floyd County. We told him we needed good paying jobs. We needed money to help with the old Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital site… He listened, he heard us, and after a year-long push led by him, bipartisan legislation was signed into law. This law has saved approximately 2,700 jobs at the Kia plant in West Point. It spurred Georgia solar growth, helping companies like Q-Cells in Dalton. He cares about us, he’s compassionate.”

Rome News Tribune: Sen. Raphael Warnock talks jobs, healthcare in Rome

  • Proudly speaking of what he characterized as “work for all Georgians,” U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock told a Rome audience that delivering the Inflation Reduction Act was not an easy task considering Democrats have a thin majority in Congress.
  • During the stump speech at the Kelsey-Aycock-Burrell Center on Wednesday, the senator addressed the law that Democrats hope will tackle issues like jobs, skyrocketing insulin prices and healthcare costs.
  • “I work for Georgia,” Warnock said. “Twelve percent of adult Georgians suffer from diabetes, which is one dollar of every four dollars spent on healthcare.”
  • The Inflation Reduction Act gives Medicare the right to negotiate drug prices for enrollees and cap insulin prices at $35 dollars a month. Medicare was previously barred by law from negotiating bulk prices and patients paid the price, he said.
  • He also spoke about how the CHIPS and Science Act — which President Joe Biden signed into law in August — will create manufacturing jobs in the semiconductor industry.
  • Semiconductors are in everything, Warnock said, from phones to cars and even military weapons. Without the chips those items cannot operate and that, he said, has been the source of many supply chain issues, especially in the automotive industry.
  • This act, he said, will create thousands of jobs and be an important piece of the American manufacturing puzzle.

Reverend Warnock ended the day with a rally in Cobb County.

Jacquelyn Bettadapur, Cobb County Democrats Chair: “Senator Warnock has delivered on the kitchen table issues that impact families in Georgia. He has worked to protect and grow Georgia jobs. He has proposed and passed legislation to lower prescription drug costs and cap the cost of insulin. He has been leading the fight to provide relief at the pump by suspending the federal gas tax. Senator Warnock has delivered for Georgia and that is why we’re going to deliver him back to the US Senate.”

Chinita Allen, President of Cobb County Democratic Women: “After a year-long push, our Reverend Warnock helped to create the jobs and competition bill that was signed into law. This law will boost manufacturing jobs, strengthen our supply line, and reduce reliance on foreign nations… he’s for every Georgian. We can trust him to do what he says he’s going to do and not hide from his promises.”

On Thursday, Reverend Warnock and the “Working for Georgia” bus tour made stops in Augusta and Burke County: 

Later in the day, Reverend Warnock celebrated his campaign with community members at Augusta Technical College.

The Augusta Chronicle — Sen. Raphael Warnock promises voters at Augusta Tech rally ‘I work for you’

  • Drums banged and supporters cheered as Augustans made some noise for Sen. Raphael Warnock, who asked the audience to make a special prayer.
  • “Democracy assumes that all of us have value, and if we have value, we ought to have a voice, and the way to have a voice is to have a vote,” he said. “I believe that a vote is a kind of prayer for the world that we desire for ourselves and for our children.”
  • Warnock issued this call during a rally at Augusta Tech on Thursday, Sept. 1, as part of his campaign for re-election. He was introduced by several Augusta area leaders, who spoke to his character and how important it was to send him back to Washington D.C. for another six years.
  • “We have a man with empathy and humility,” said District 126 Rep. Gloria Frazier. She explained at a prior rally in Burke County “I had Dori and Walter Scott come to this rally, they are the parents of little Israel Scott that drowned about six weeks ago. They came with their family, and Raphael Warnock met with that family right there after that rally, and he prayed with them. This is the type of man that we have.”
  • “One of my favorite mottos: people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” said District 125 Rep. Sheila Nelson. “Senator Warnock has shown us how much he cares about people. This is one of numerous trips he’s made to Augusta, GA, and will continue to send the dollars to Augusta, GA.”
  • The crowd cheers during the Warnock for Georgia rally at Augusta Technical College on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022. Sen. Warnock, D-Ga., spoke on issues such as President Biden’s recent student loan forgiveness and Georgia infrastructure.
  • Warnock told the story of how he grew up in public housing, one of 12 children, and was the first college graduate in his family; how the American Dream is one where a man grow such humble beginnings to one day being a U.S. Senator; and how, if re-elected, he will support families like the one he came from.

Fox 54 Augusta: Senator Raphael Warnock visits Augusta Tech on bus tour

  • Senator Raphael Warnock wrapped up another stop on his statewide “Working for Georgia” bus tour. This time stopping at Augusta Technical College.
  • The senator visited Burke County earlier in the day before stopping in Augusta. As the senate race between Georgia Democratic Candidate, Warnock and Republican, Herchel Walker remains tight, ahead of the November election. Warnock is focusing his efforts to protect Georgia jobs and lower costs for families across the state.
  • Among other things, discussing the legislation, he fought to enact with Augusta in mind such as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill to improve public transportation and other public works. In addition, a gun safety bill and a jobs and competition bill to invest in schools like Augusta Technical College as well as historically black colleges and universities. 
  • “And we capped the cost of prescription drugs, including my provision, which caps the cost of insulin and gave Medicare the ability to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs, all while driving down the deficit and inflation,” Warnock said. 
  • He says if re-elected, he plans to do it again and more.
  • One of the many politicians in attendance was Georgia’s 12th Congressional District, Democratic nominee, Liz Johnson who says, “it’s time to strengthen good paying job, workplace safety and promote growth, equality, inclusion and diversity.”
  • Other speakers include Mayor Hardie Davis, State Representative Gloria Frazier, Senator Harold Jones and Senator, Sheila Nelson.
  • Supporters say they traveled near and far to be there for the event. They say they value Warnock’s transparency and views on “the issues that count.” The reverend will continue his tour September 2 in Atlanta.
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Watch Fox 54 Augusta’s Coverage HERE

Vincent Hill, Fox 54 Augusta: “Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock wrapped up a stop here in the CSRA where he laid out changes coming to Augusta and his plans, if re-elected, in a rally held at Augusta Tech. Warnock says he will focus his efforts to protect Georgia jobs and lower costs for families across the state. He talked about different legislations he helped pass during his time in office, which includes a bipartisan infrastructure bill, and a jobs bill to invest funds into schools like Augusta Tech.”

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WRDW Augusta: Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock comes to Augusta

  • Sen. Raphael Warnock made a couple of campaign stops in our area Thursday. He made a stop at Augusta Technical College and spoke in Burke County. Warnock came to highlight his goals to lower costs and add more jobs in the state.
  • He recently supported the Inflation Reduction Act with Senator Jon Ossoff, which limits the cost of insulin to $35 per month for seniors. He’s also trying to pass a new bill that will invest in manufacturing and project other jobs.

Later in the day, Reverend Warnock hosted a meet and greet with community members in Burke County on Thursday. 

Alfonzo Williams, Burke County Sheriff: “Finally we have someone who gets it and is working for rural communities. His legislation will help out law enforcement agencies with less than 200 certified officers. Generally, these grants get eaten up by large cities and we’re let with much of nothing. They have even drilled down this grant application where it’s going to take less than 30 minutes to get it done. I’m here to tell the Senator thank you, and that Burke County can benefit greatly from his efforts in Congress to get this done.” So thank you so much, and thank you for all that you do.” 

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Watch WJBF Augusta’s Coverage HERE

Barclay Bishop, WJBF Augusta: “Raphael Warnock, the incumbent senator is touring the peach state in a bus as he contends in what some are calling a “tight race” with republican challenger Herschel Walker. Warnock traveled to Burke County Office Park in Waynesboro and Augusta Technical College yesterday, promoting his message of why he should return to washington. 

Reverend Warnock: “At score, we have passed the single largest tax cut for middle and working class families in American history. We passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill. And we capped the cost of prescription drugs, including my provision which caps the cost of insulin and gave Medicare the ability to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs, all while driving down the deficit and inflation. I look forward to doing that work.” 

On Friday, Reverend Warnock and the “Working for Georgia” bus tour made stops in Duluth, Lilburn, and Atlanta: 

Reverend Warnock hosted a rally with members of the AAPI community in Duluth on Friday. 

Michelle Au, State Senator of District 48: “The health of our residency determines the economic future of Georgia, and no one understands that better than Senator Warnock. Number one, Senator Warnock, not his opponent, is working to ensure affordable healthcare access for every Georgian, because he understands that fundamentally, at its core, healthcare is a fundamental human rights issue. And he showed that to us as he worked to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which protects Medicare patients, in particular, from being bankrupt by debilitating drug costs and capping the cost for life saving drugs like insulin.” 

Later in the day, Reverend Warnock met with members of the Latino community in Lawrenceville. 

State Superintendent Candidate Alisha Searcy: “I never want any of our children to believe that as adults we aren’t going to do anything. So when I think about the work of our United States Senator Raphael Warnock, he has been doing something in the Senate on behalf of Georgians. He’s been working to grow jobs in Georgia…so we thank our United States Senator, Raphael Warnock, for working to ensure that we have jobs for Georgia. We thank him for trying to do something about these high gas prices. As parents we’re thinking about getting our kids in and out of school, we don’t also need to worry about whether we can put enough food on the table because we can’t afford gas. So we thank our U.S. Senator for fighting to suspend the federal gas tax.”

Reverend Warnock ended the day with a “Divine Nine” rally in Atlanta.

Social Action Chair for National Pan-Hellenic Council of North Metro at Lawrenceville James Bruin: “He’s been working for Georgia Families, working hard for HBCUs, working hard for small businesses, working hard for those who know that he needs their leadership. Black owned and women businesses. Taking the time to look out and protect Georgia jobs, and lower costs for Georgia families.”


This week, Reverend Warnock joined Georgia Democrats from across the state’s 159 counties for the Democrats’ State Convention at the Columbus Civic and Trade Center in Columbus. Warnock delivered remarks and was introduced by Saundra Ellison, a former Muscogee County educator and Georgian who relies on insulin to manage her diabetes, and who thanked him for leading the effort to cap the cost of insulin and lower prescription drug costs for Georgia seniors like her on Medicare.  

Georgia Public Broadcasting: Battleground: Ballot Box | Georgia Democrats see an opening in 2022’s midterm elections

  • Warnock took to the stage in Columbus touting his work on health care after being introduced by Sandra Ellison, a senior citizen who needs insulin.
  • “Like over 1 million other Georgians, I rely on insulin every day,” she said. “For too long, too many Georgian that are dependent on insulin have struggled to afford the lifesaving medicine. Even even with Medicare, high prescription drug costs mean making difficult choices between medication and household expenses, such as groceries, gas and paying rent.”
  • In the so-called Inflation Reduction Act that recently passed, Warnock was able to include a provision that caps the cost of insulin for seniors on Medicare — though a similar bill to expand those caps for the rest of people did not make it.
  • “Sandra, who is a diabetic, depends on insulin,” he said. “Reminds me why I tolerate politics in order to do good work for ordinary people. I mean, who would dare block providing insulin for people who need insulin? Who does that? Who does that? And I’m sorry, but I’m a pastor: Where did they go to church?”
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Watch WRBL Columbus’s Coverage HERE

Kenzie Beach, WRBL Columbus: “Our top story tonight: with the November election nearly 70 days away, Georgia’s Democrats from all corners of the state were in Columbus today. The state convention brought the party’s top candidates and more than 1,000 delegates to the Fountain City.”

Reverend Warnock: “Are you ready? Are you ready to knock on doors? Are you ready to call your neighbor?”


Reverend Warnock helped spur growth in Georgia’s solar industry, including companies like QCells in Dalton, by incentivizing the growth of our domestic solar energy supply chains through the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. The legislation included the Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act (SEMA), a bill sponsored by Senator Reverend Warnock.

Axios Atlanta: Georgia’s solar win tucked inside the federal spending package

  • Tucked inside the $740 billion federal tax, climate and health care bill that became law this month was a major win for American solar manufacturing with a deep Georgia connection.
  • The package included a bill sponsored by Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) that will implement new tax credits to boost the solar manufacturing supply chain.
  • Right now, the U.S. is “nearly entirely dependent on imported products to satisfy its needs in this critical sector, and this bill changes that,” said Scott Moscowitz, head of market strategy and public affairs at Qcells.
  • The South Korean company’s Dalton, Ga. facility is the largest solar panel manufacturer in the U.S., Moscowitz said.
  • Prior to this bill, there were no sustained and long-term domestic federal incentives for solar manufacturing specifically, Moscowitz said. “It really completely changes the environment for manufacturing clean energy products in the U.S.”
  • As a result of the bill, Qcells has already announced plans for “a multiphase, multibillion-dollar investment across the full solar energy supply chain,” including parts that are not yet made in the U.S. They’re in the site exploration phase for those new facilities now, he said.
  • Meanwhile, other manufacturers including Mayer Berger and just yesterday First Solar have announced new investments in the wake of the new law—including, for First Solar, a new facility in the southeast.
  • The incentives “delivered precisely the durable industrial policy foundation that we’ve long advocated for,” First Solar spokesman Reuven Proença told Axios.
  • “Solar technology is strategic technology. This is a national security issue. This is about American energy independence,” Ossoff said at a press conference celebrating one of his biggest policy victories to date last week. “As we transition toward greater and greater adoption of renewable and clean energy sources, we want that energy to be American-made,” he said.
  • The bill offers 10 years of incentives for every stage of the solar manufacturing supply chain, with targeted incentives for some of the parts not made in the U.S. The solar industry has been hoping for something like this, “for forever,” Moscowitz told Axios. “This bill is a huge deal.”
  • A coalition of solar manufacturers advocating for the bill estimated that after passage the industry will see 18,000 new direct manufacturing jobs by 2025, and solar panels would be nearly 100% American-made by 2030.


Reverend Warnock led a group of his colleagues from Georgia’s congressional delegation in a letter to the Wellstar Health System CEO following the news that the company plans to shut down its downtown Atlanta Medical Center location. The letter expresses his concern about the potential closure and its impact on the surrounding community and urges the company to “reverse course” on their decision to shutter the vital metro Atlanta facility. Senator Warnock has been a leading advocate in the Senate for expanding health care access in Georgia and recognizes that “this potential closure will strain Atlanta’s already stretched-thin health care system and jeopardize Atlantans access to care.”

Fox 5 Atlanta: US Senators, representatives from Georgia urge Wellstar to keep Atlanta Medical Center open

  • In a letter to the CEO of non-profit Wellstar Health System, Georgia leaders on Capitol Hill made a plea to stop the imminent closure of Atlanta Medical Center. 
  • Wellstar announced Wednesday it plans to shutter the hospital on Nov. 1. The Atlanta-based hospital is one of Atlanta’s trauma centers.
  • Leaders in Atlanta and Georgia have expressed shock and outrage over the health system’s decision. Community members fear what will happen to their sick or injured relatives if they have fewer options. 
  • Grady Health System, Atlanta’s busiest trauma center, said Atlanta Medical Center’s closure would result in “harmful consequences on healthcare access for the people of metro Atlanta and hospitals across the region.”
  • Sens. Raphael Warnock, Sen. Jon Ossoff, Rep. Hank Johnson, Rep. Nikema Williams and Rep. Lucy McBath demanded transparency from Wellstar about the non-profit health system’s decision-making process.
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Watch 11Alive Atlanta’s Coverage HERE

Karys Belger, 11Alive Atlanta: “We’re also hearing from other elected leaders. Earlier this morning, we got a letter from Senator Raphael Warnock’s office and it was signed by several other Georgia elected officials. The letter said in part, ‘we implore you to rethink this decision and reverse course. At minimum, you must delay this decision until there’s a plan in place in consultation with the city of Atlanta and neighboring hospitals to absorb these patients.’”


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