WEEKLY REVEREND WRAP: Reverend Warnock’s Bill To Fight Price Gouging By Corporations To Become Law; Warnock Stands up for Veterans, and Celebrates Juneteenth - Warnock for Georgia

WEEKLY REVEREND WRAP: Reverend Warnock’s Bill To Fight Price Gouging By Corporations To Become Law; Warnock Stands up for Veterans, and Celebrates Juneteenth

WEEKLY REVEREND WRAP: Reverend Warnock’s Bill To Fight Price Gouging By Corporations To Become Law; Warnock Stands up for Veterans, and Celebrates Juneteenth 

This week, Reverend Warnock’s bill to hold corporations accountable for raking in record profits as Georgia families experience record prices passed in the U.S. House and is now headed to the President’s desk to become law. This week, Reverend Warnock also celebrated the passage of the PACT Act, legislation he has championed that will help millions of veterans who were harmed by toxic burn pits during their service. He also pushed the federal government to invest in Georgia schools so Georgia’s young people have the skills they need to compete in the growing tech and innovation economy.  And this weekend, Reverend Warnock will march in East Point’s Juneteenth parade. Meanwhile, Herschel Walker is once again showing Georgians he is not ready to represent the people of Georgia. 


Warnock is successfully holding oil and shipping companies accountable for raking in record profits while Georgia consumers are seeing record prices. Warnock’s Ocean Shipping Reform Act, which passed the U.S. House this week will soon become law. The legislation is part of Warnock’s ongoing fight to lower costs for hardworking Georgia families, as he continues to push to cap the cost of insulin and prescription drugs, address supply chain problems, and lower gas prices

Read more about Warnock’s work to lower costs for Georgia families below.

The Brunswick News — Warnock’s bill to address price gouging passes

  • A bipartisan bill co-sponsored by U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Georgia., to address potential price gouging passed the U.S. House Monday 369-42.
  • The Ocean Shipping Reform Act, passed unanimously earlier by the Senate, now heads to President Biden.
  • The bill addresses the concerns of Warnock and others who claim shipping companies are using the pandemic as an excuse to increase profit margins.
  • “I’m thrilled to see such widespread bipartisan support for my legislation that will ultimately help lower costs for Georgia’s consumers, small businesses and farmers,” Warnock said.


Reverend Warnock continues to stand up for those who served our country. This week, he fought to pass the PACT Act, which will help millions of veterans who were harmed by toxic burn pits during their service. 

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Read more about this historic bill below.

WRDW Augusta — Ossoff, Warnock hail passage of veteran toxic exposure bill

  • The Senate passed a bill backed by Georgia’s senators to expand health care access for veterans who suffer from health conditions related to burn pits and other toxic exposures, often during their service in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  • The bipartisan legislation will strengthen federal research on toxic exposures and the health issues that may result from them, as well as:
  • Expand Department of Veterans Affairs health care eligibility to Post-9/11 combat veterans, which includes more than 3.5 million toxic-exposed veterans.
  • Create a framework for the establishment of future presumptions of service connection related to toxic exposure.
  • Add 23 burn pit and toxic exposure-related conditions to VA’s list of service presumptions, including hypertension.
  • Expand presumptions related to Agent Orange exposure.
  • Strengthen federal research on toxic exposure.
  • Improve VA resources and training for toxic-exposed veterans.
  • Set VA and veterans up for success by investing in VA claims processing, workforce and health care facilities.


Reverend Warnock is working hard to equip Georgia’s young people with the tools they need to compete in a changing economy. Warnock’s jobs and competition bill will help create STEM programs at Georgia schools like Columbus State University and help Georgians participate in the growing tech and innovation economy. The bill will also bolster domestic production of crucial technology, like semiconductor chips, create jobs, and ensure Georgia’s manufacturing centers, like West Point’s Kia Georgia, can avoid shutdowns or shortages in the future.

Watch coverage of Reverend Warnock’s work to push the jobs and competition bill over the finish line HERE and read more below.

WTVM Columbus  — Proposed legislation by Senator Raphael Warnock could make Columbus as technology hub

  • Jobs are needed in Columbus, which is why U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock is introducing legislation to help build stem programs, specifically Columbus State University.
  • “Smaller school like Columbus State can get their share of research and development dollars. It means that our young people have exposure to the kind of stem jobs and steam opportunities that we need to see,” says U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock.
  • Warnock says all secondary students need access to this legislation.
  • “Well stem is about the future, and we need to ensure that our students at the secondary level have access to what they need, and we need to make sure students at Columbus State have access to research and development,” says Warnock.


This weekend Reverend Warnock will march in the 3rd annual Juneteenth Celebration Parade hosted by the Atlanta NAACP and the City of East Point. Reverend Warnock will deliver remarks commemorating Juneteenth at the end of the parade.


In a race that will come down to who is ready to represent the people of Georgia, Herschel Walker’s repeated falsehoods about his career and record have come into the spotlight this week. Meanwhile, Reverend Warnock continues to work for Georgians all across the state from passing his bill to hold shipping carriers accountable for price gouging, to fighting to cap the cost of insulin and prescription drugs.

Read more about Herschel Walker’s lies below.

Washington Post — As Herschel Walker’s GOP profile rises, the falsehoods mount

  • During the course of Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign… [he] has also faced blowback from critics and Democrats for false claims he made before and during his candidacy that have surfaced in recent months — from his college education and business background to his questioning of evolution and promoting a “mist” he said would “kill any covid on your body.”
  • The latest came Monday when the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on previous speeches and statements given by Walker about how he claimed in 2017 that he had worked with police in Cobb County, Ga. Two years later, Walker mentioned he was an FBI agent.
  • In reality, he had not. A spokesman for the Cobb County Police Department told the Journal-Constitution, and later confirmed to The Washington Post, that it has no record of working with Walker.
  • Months after the AP reported on how Walker’s business records showed “exaggerated claims of financial success” and a history of alarming associates with “unpredictable behavior,” Walker made false claims regarding the earnings and size of his chicken business, Renaissance Man Food Services, according to the Daily Beast.

New York Times — The Strange Tale of Herschel Walker and the Chicken Empire That Wasn’t

  • Walker has made his record as an entrepreneur central to his biographical narrative, describing himself as the “successful owner” of as many as a dozen businesses.
  • But Walker’s origin story about his food-services company fits a pattern of exaggerations, half-truths and outright falsehoods that dates back to at least the 1990s.
  • Many aspects of Walker’s biography, however, have collapsed under closer scrutiny. On Monday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Walker has repeatedly claimed he “worked in law enforcement,” when in fact he hasn’t.
  • Walker has even lied about graduating from college, which he did not do, then lied about whether he lied about graduating from college, as CNN found he did. He also has layered on further embellishment at times, claiming that he graduated “in the top 1 percent of my graduating class,” which he did not.
  •  In an interview with Fox Business in 2018, Walker said that Renaissance Man Food Services was “the largest minority-owned chicken business in the United States,” which was not true.
  • He also said it was “essentially a mini Tyson Foods” with “over 600 employees.” Two years later, in an interview with Scott Murray, a sports broadcaster in Dallas, Walker said the company had “about 800 employees.”
  • But in April 2020, Renaissance Man Food Services listed just eight employees on a loan application for the Paycheck Protection Program, the coronavirus-era relief program.


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